1. Can I sign a short-term lease?
    YES. Short term options may be available.
  2. Will I have access to my office 24 hours per day and on weekends?
    YES. Your keys and keycards provide you access 24/7/365.
  3. Can I control the temperature in my offices?
    YES. All the Suites have thermostats that are controlled by the Tenants.
  4. Can I work late hours without the building HVAC system shutting down?
    YES. The HVAC runs till 8pm on most week days for not extra charge to accommodate all of our tenants.
  5. Are there cleaning services provided in my Suite?
    YES. Cleaning services are provided 5 nights per week M-F.
  6. Is there sufficient parking for my visitors?
    YES. There is ample parking surrounding each property.
  7. Is there an on-site conference room?
    YES. Each building has at least one conference room available to meet your conference needs.
  8. Are there high-speed internet services available in the building?
    YES. Each building has Comcast, AT & T as well as other options available.
  9. Are there security cameras in the building?
    YES. The building is equipped with security cameras to monitor all entrances & exits.

The knowledgeable commercial real estate services team at Butterfield Properties works with diverse tenants to create innovative office space solutions and deliver customized services.